???? The Impact On Traffic In Southeast Asia | Covid 19 | Latest News.


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Watch the video “???? The Impact On Traffic In Southeast Asia | Covid 19 | Latest News.” and like it!

???? The Impact On Traffic In Southeast Asia | Covid 19 | Latest News.
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Southeast Asia is renowned throughout the world as having some of the worlds worst traffic jams!
One positive and trust me there are not many positives, is the Covid 19 has reduced the traffic in most countries in Southeast Asia.
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Governments have enforced strict lockdowns, school closures and restrictions on business in Southeast Asian countries and it has brought a rare respite from the normal transport chaos in which you encounter in some of the world’s most congested cities.
Some countries have imposed tougher controls than others in their efforts to try and minimise the covid 19 virus.
Data obtained from Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm Grab shows a snapshot of the traffic congestion before and during the curbs, which has delivered a stark, almost unbelievable picture of how the normally bustling cities have come to a halt.

Despite its strict movement measures, the Philippines has struggled to contain the spread of the virus when compared to its slightly less populous neighbour, Vietnam.
Traffic jams in Manila normally cause daily business losses of an estimated US$67 million, but the city’s usually jam-packed roads have been unusually quiet.
On the main EDSA freeway its 23.8km journey usually takes more than two hours, but at the moment It takes just 20 minutes from one end to the other.

Evening traffic is usually gridlocked across most of Ho Chi Minh city.
However, snapshots three weeks apart at the same time on the same day of the week shows a vastly different picture.
During Vietnam’s lockdown, there was virtually no congestion at all, the Grab data shows.
But that is starting to change as Vietnam is easing restrictions earlier than most other countries.
Vietnam, a country of 96 million people is saying that it has succeeded in containing the virus, unlike many wealthier and more developed nations.

With the government officially stating that only a few cases have been reported and no deaths, Vietnam is on course to revive its economy much sooner than most other countries.
Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s biggest nation and the world’s fourth most populous country, it has imposed a lot less restrictions than its neighbours, despite having the largest regional death toll of about 1,000.
Medical professionals in Indonesia are saying they believe that figure could be significantly higher.
The virus epicentre has been in Jakarta, the capital, where the cities authorities declared a state of emergency, closing all the schools and encouraging employees to work from their homes.
Traffic however has remained notably busier than other cities in Southeast Asia.
Malaysia imposed a partial lockdown after a surge of infections which were related to an event at a local mosque.
Restrictions have been lifted somewhat, with many businesses now allowed to open and trade, as long as they comply with the social distancing rules and other health conditions.
However, educational institutions remain closed for now.
Kuala Lumpur is well known for peak-hour traffic jams, as it has about half a million vehicles on its roads daily.
The common site of cars stuck in traffic taking short cuts and mounting curbs has been eased.
A drop in traffic in Singapore, which has strict controls on the number of its vehicles on the roads, has been less noticeable.
However, since shutting its borders, there has been far less congestion towards the northern causeway linking the island to Malaysia, which is one of the world’s busiest land crossings, and to the east at Changi Airport, which is a major international transit route.
Bangkok has seen a return of the Thai capital’s familiar gridlock as commuters have headed back to work in the second phase of easing coronavirus restrictions.
One of the positives for the lockdown in Thailand is that it has recorded a significant drop in fatalities on the road.

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