An Exposure of the SARS-Affected Hospital: A Memoir of the SARS coronavirus Crisis in Taiwan


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Director: Hsien-che CHU │Executive Producer: Sylvia H. FENG │ 2007 │ Taiwan │ 59 min

In April 2003, Hoping Hospital in Taipei took an SARS infected patient who hadn’t had any foreign travel history. Within one week, a laundry worker and a Head Nurse were diagnosed with SARS and died soon afterwards. The situation worsened dramatically that in the end of April, seven medical workers in the Hospital were confirmed SARS positive.

Under the circumstances, the Hospital was soon locked down by the government without any notice in advance. Unprepared, more than 900 medical workers were ordered to return to the Hospital immediately and put to isolation. In addition to more than 200 patients, there were around 1,200 people in total being confined in the Hospital.

Info Pages│https://bit.ly/3b8pzbG

Dr. Chou was at home when the Hospital was forced to lock down. He didn’t think the Hospital was capable of putting more than 1,000 people into proper isolation. Thus, he decided to isolate himself at home. Soon, the Taipei City Government and the media accused him of being a “runaway doctor”. Under the pressure, Dr. Chou eventually returned to the Hospital.

During the lockdown period, eventually 57 medical workers and 97 patients got infected. In total, 31 people died, among which one committed suicide.

The Taipei City Government never properly examined whether their lockdown decision was flawed. Meanwhile, the senior management team of Hoping Hospital who covered up the SARS outbreak were free of blame, so was the head of the Bureau of Health at the Taipei City Government. Unreasonably, Dr. Chou became the scapegoat for the lockdown tragedy….

Now in 2020, as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is running rampant around the world, we decide to release this 2007 documentary online, together with "Hoping Hospital" (2003). These two documentaries bring back SARS memories in Taiwan. The lockdown incident represents Taiwanese people’s collective fear towards the unknown. We reckon this is a piece of history that has become relevant more than ever at the moment.

Info Pages│https://bit.ly/3b8pzbG
Hoping Hospital │https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-MSRD0lUsI

Why Does the WHO Exclude Taiwan?│https://on.cfr.org/3cbtSmC

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