Business values and sales - Affected by COVID-19

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Coronavirus: Description video

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My second chat with Chris Milne, business valuer and publisher of the Business Vales Newsletter in Australia. This is a follow-up discussion from the one we had on April 9th 2020 in the early days of the COVID pandemic. In this second chat, we look at what has happened 4 months on, and what the effect has been on business values and business sales. We also look at what may be coming down the track and also the effect of JobKeeper on sales.
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00:00 Start
01:45 AV - after the online
02:55 General business sales now - what are buyers and sellers doing
05:30 The Australian economy effect on retail and tourism
08:50 Availability of finance and move to vendor finance options
13:05 Valuing businesses that have had swings up and down in turnover
18:40 Commercial real estate and rents
21:50 Valuations for legal purposes where the value is date specific
24:52 What businesses are selling now and which ones aren't
28:48 Not necessarily a bad time to sell. Values could be stronger.
31:40 Tips for sellers. Document and keep good records
33:02 JobKeeper payments do NOT transfer with the sale
34:44 A very innovative and different way to sell a business
36:52 Chris Milne's details and the Business Values Newsletter

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