Covidiot Diarrhea - Day 1 Part 1: Corona SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Diary/Covid-19 Corona Pandemie Tagebuch


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Vladimir Corday | Freie Muenchner Allgemeine | Freie Münchner Allgemeine

I was locked away three times in a closed psychiatry three times since January 18th, 2020 (18th of January until 28th of February, 10th of April until 17th of April and 3rd of May until 14th of June 2020) in a very prudent and cautious response to my opposition in written words on my blog


and spraying smileys with yellow acrylic color public and private vehicles, cameras in buses, trams, subways and trains to the ridiculous world wide restrictions due to the COVID-19 Sars2 bullshit which in reality is nothing more than one of the millions of subforms of influenza.

During all this time the World Health Organization WHO has recommended the simple treatment of basically staying bed and the use of either Ibuprofen or Paracetamol - a very postmodern and elaborated way to take care of this horrible devastating plague, which has been compared to the Spanish Flu of 1918 that had killed nearly 60 million people worldwide.


As of June 1st, 2020 more than 7 months after the outbreak around 371 thousand people have allegedly died due to the Corona virus Covid-19 SARS CoV 2...

nearly all of them with weak preconditions and health and mostly old people...

(An educated guess: More people are dying worldwide during 7 months trying to change a light bulb or using a condom the wrong way)

the world has around 7.8 billion inhabitants...

that's roughly 0,0004% of the world's population...

Why? Any guess?

About a third of the world's population lost their job and in some cases their homes, the economy broke down completely.


To make you weak and dependent so you shut up and obey the rules and orders by the rich and powerful in case you want to ever travel again or buy anything - now even food or tiolet-paper - which soon enough will only be possible after your data has been checked since real money will be removed. Western governments in collaboration with the rich and powerful, the so-called civilized, democratic and liberal rulers of the free world claim this is only happening in China and North Korea and such...

don't give in, don't be fooled and manipulated against people who are like you.
The rich and powerful are all alike...

so the fight should never be East vs. West of North vs. South...

...but instead the working, not so rich and mostly powerless people against the greedy scum that thinks they're better than the people...

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