Diarrhea is added to government’s list of formal COVID-19 symptoms


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Added by COVID in Symptoms of Coronavirus

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COVID-19 patients are complaining about new symptoms that were not fully observed at the beginning of the outbreak. Among Taiwan''s reported cases over the past few weeks, 14 patients complained of losing the sense of taste and smell. Several confirmed cases also had diarrhea. The Central Epidemic Command Center has decided to incorporate diarrhea into its official list of COVID-19 symptoms. Doctors say it''s possible all three conditions are symptoms of the virus, but they weren''t observed at the outset of the pandemic as there were not enough cases. If you’ve got the runs, don’t just dismiss it as a result of eating at the night market! The command center has just announced that diarrhea symptoms are to be incorporated in its formal definition of COVID-19 symptoms. Chuang Jen-hsiangCentral Epidemic Command CenterHere’s the latest. We have decided to incorporate unexplained diarrhea into clinical conditions that doctors need to alert the authorities for. Only some epidemiological conditions qualify for an alert. These new symptoms will not lead to expanded testing; they will only be incorporated in the formal COVID-19 symptoms that need to be reported.In mid-March, the first NBA player to be infected with COVID-19, Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert, tweeted that he had lost his sense of smell and taste for several days, and there have since been several similar cases in Taiwan. Some people suspect that new strains of the virus have entered Taiwan from Europe and America. Lee Ping-ingPediatric Infectious Diseases Society of TaiwanA loss of smell was actually reported in China, but they didn’t highlight it. The cases that were imported from the U.S. and Europe have only revealed symptoms of COVID-19 that were not noticed before. There’s no connection with the virus strains in Europe and the U.S. Diarrhea symptoms don’t manifest frequently, but COVID-19 itself occasionally produces these symptoms, so we have incorporated diarrhea as a possible symptom of COVID-19. The appearance of virus symptoms are now even harder to detect than they have been in the past. Now, there’s not only loss of smell and taste, but diarrhea has also been formally incorporated into the COVID-19 symptom checklist. Before people leave self-isolation, the command center gives a careful evaluation of all possible symptoms so that no COVID-19 cases are accidentally released into society.

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