Is the Vaccine Safe? - Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy


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Will it affect my health permanently? I am healthy do I need the vaccine?

We talk about some of the worries people have about the COVID Vaccine with award-winning clinician and certified physician, Dr. Faheem Younus.

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1:18 - What is you view on the progress in the last year?
2:38 - Why should young, fit and healthy people get the vaccine?
5:11 - How can I convince someone that this vaccine is beneficial for us?
5:24 - What are some side effects of the vaccine? Well documented ones and less well-known ones. Can it cause long term harm?
7:43 - Does it cause infertility?
10:25 - Why is the risk of COVID higher for BAME communities?
11:30 - Why is it the Black and Asian Communities have been hit harder by COVID?
12:48 - Is there a risk of increased infection in BAME communities by taking the vaccine?
13:20 - Despite this why do you think we see more vaccine hesitancy in these ethnic groups?
15:15 - Has the vaccine been tested on pregnant women? Is it safe for them?
17:40 - How is it the Vaccine was developed so quickly? Does it not usually take many years for safe vaccines to be developed?
24:30 - Why have Vaccine manufacturers obtained indemnities against civil claims if it is safe?
26:30 - How would you compare the efficacy of the Pfizer Vaccine vs The Astra Zeneca Vaccine and which would you recommend if we had the choice?
29:28 - Like the flu jab, would we need to receive the Covid protection each year?
33:48 - Does the vaccine contain any animal products or gelatine?
36:17 - Is there any point in the Western countries being vaccinated, while the 3rd world will be delayed to receive their jabs?
39.08 - Why should I get the Vaccine if I have had COVID already?
42:13 - How much longer can you see this Pandemic lasting?
44.06 - Should we be worried the vaccines will not work against new variants?
46:00 - What lessons can we learn from this Pandemic and how can we be better prepared if something like this happens in the future?

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