'Lets save our Earth'.New nepali poem by Suyog Thapa Xeti

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Namaste Everyone.As each and every action has equal but opposite reaction we are destructing and harming environment day by day and surely one day it will harm us too.As you all know our earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and has provided us infinite natural services needed for our survival but we are harming the earth and destructing the nature day by day which may cause end of the earth day by day.The rapid population growth,unplanned industrilization and urbanization, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, deforestation,land,air,water and sound polloution the end of the earth is near and has welcomed disasters like:-Flood(unplanned urbanization),landslide(deforestation),earthquake(sudden moment of tectonic plates) ,Volcanic eruption, Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornado, Avalanche, Forest fire etc and earth has also become a common home of different pandemic influenzas like:- COVID 19,Spanish flu(killed 1/3 of the total population of 16 th century i.e 50 crore ),Bird Flu, Swine Flu,Japanese encephalities, Meningities, Evola Virus etc and the population is decreasing continuously day by day. And due to the global warming the ozone layer is decreasing day by day and the harmful radiations of the sun are not filtered properly and due to this different skin infections are introduced and the snow are melting day by day and the sea level is rising resulting the sinking and submerge of different islands of Maldives, Philipplines, Japan, Sweden, and thousands of islands of oceania. Which is giving us the hint and is the symptoms of end of it tomorrow.
Before changing the world first we should make change in ourselves.
So plz make and play a small effort for the conservation of the Nature.
The forest to produce 25% of the total oxygen(Amazon Forest)became ash and milions of trees were burnt and thousands of animals were killed We lose only some portion of the forest but it had played a great role for the habitat of animals and has provided us oxygen.

# By harming the nature we are harming us indirectly. So lets create a motto to Save our Earth from differenf pandemics and disasters #

# Lets save our Earth #

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