S. Korea going all out in search of visitors to Itaewon nightclubs


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클럽 집단감염 '일파만파'…"감염자 찾는 '시간 싸움' 시작됐다"

Let's start with the coronavirus situation in South Korea as a result of the COVID-19 super-spreader in Itaewon.
More than 3-thousand out of 5-thousand people... who visited nightclubs and bars in the popular nightlife district during late April and early May... are out of contact.
Health authorities are going all out to identify and locate them ASAP.
Eum Ji-young reports.

As of Tuesday, South Korea has seen a total of 93 confirmed cases linked to a COVID-19 patient who visited several clubs and bars in Itaewon earlier this month.
The patient is a 29-year-old man who lives in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province, and who was found to be infected after he visited five different clubs in Itaewon on May 1st and the early hours of May 2nd.
According to the Central Disease Control Headquarters and local governments on Tuesday, about 3-thousand people out of a total of roughly 5-thousand people who visited those five clubs in Itaewon from April 24th to May 6th were out of contact.
Seoul city have suggested the 'condition of anonymity' because people who could have been exposed to the virus at the clubs in Itaewon might not cooperate in epidemiological investigations as they could be worried about revealing that they visited the clubs.

"For those who don't wish to disclose their identities when taking the test, Seoul city will implement free, anonymous testing. People who get tested do not have to provide their names and will only be assigned an identification number at the health center."

The health authorities are going all out to identify and locate the club visitors as quickly as possible by searching through credit card transactions, cell phone signals and close-circuit television.
More than 8-thousand-8-hundred police officers will be involved in the search.
Yoon Tae ho, the Overall Officer of Disinfection at the Central Disaster Management Headquarters also said on Tuesday the authorities will strictly protect personal information so people can take the test without the fear of revealing their identities.
Seoul city wants people who have visited clubs and bars in Itaewon to take the COVID-19 tests voluntarily but warned that if they do not cooperate, strict measures could be imposed including fines of around 1-thousand-6-hundred U.S. dollars.
Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.

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