Will you take the h1n1 (swine flu) vaccine if/when you have a chance?

Damon Schmidt asked a question: Will you take the h1n1 (swine flu) vaccine if/when you have a chance?
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❓😷 Is another term for h1n1 swine flu vaccine pneumococcal vaccine?

No, the "pneumonia vaccine" is to protect against several types of pneumonia that are common and will not protect against the A-H1N1/09 virus. See related questions below.

❓😷 Is covid-19 worse than h1n1 swine flu?

However, COVID-19 is more likely to cause serious illness than 2009 H1N1 influenza and has led to more deaths worldwide. It’s also more contagious than 2009 H1N1 influenza.

❓😷 Can one take the h1n1 vaccine while infected with the h1n1 virus?

You can take the vaccine but it will not stop the disease. Vaccinations prevent disease but they do not cure them.

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Yes, the vaccine to protect against the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus will be the same for the entire 2009-2010 influenza season, which extends into the spring of 2010.

Is the 2009 H1N1 swine flu vaccine safe? No vaccine is 100% safe for everyone. People with allergies to eggs, for example, can't take flu vaccines because eggs are involved in the manufacturing...

From the WebMD Archives Nov. 6, 2009 - You can get your H1N1 flu vaccine, but it will take perseverance, patience, and priority status. Priority goes to people at risk of severe flu if they catch...

The same side effects typically associated with the seasonal flu shot and the seasonal nasal spray vaccine are expected with the 2009 H1N1 flu shot and 2009 H1N1 nasal spray vaccine. These are: The flu shot: The viruses in the flu shot are killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot. Some minor side effects that could occur are:

In beating a bout of H1N1 the body makes antibodies that can kill many other flu strains, a study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows. Doctors hope to harness this power to make a...

The 2009 Vaccine. In some ways, the 2009 H1N1 outbreak was a reverse image of the novel coronavirus pandemic: While it wasn’t even clear to the world that SARS-CoV-2 spread from person to person until weeks into the outbreak, the earliest cases of H1N1 emerged in a report from Mexico in March of 2009, with news of a disease that struck 6.5% of patients with critical cases and killed 41% of ...

If you're certain you've had H1N1, you won't need the vaccine, at least for this coming season. (The virus may change in future seasons, requiring the need for a new vaccine.)

Pandemic swine flu vaccine is already rolling off the production lines of the five different vaccine makers supplying the U.S: 46% will come from Novartis, 26% will come from Sanofi Pasteur, 19% ...

Swine flu is a respiratory disease in pigs that sporadically infects humans. (Image credit: USDA) The H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine was associated with a small but significant risk for developing a ...

On 20 May 2009, AP reported: "Manufacturers won't be able to start making the [swine flu] vaccine until mid-July at the earliest, weeks later than previous predictions, according to an expert panel convened by WHO. It will then take months to produce the vaccine in large quantities.

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What does the h1n1 vaccine cover?

Originally in 2009 the vaccine for the pandemic swine flu was a monovalent vaccine, which means it was made to only prevent that one type of flu. Then for the 2010-2011 flu season, a trivalent vaccine was made for the regular flu just like every year. Trivalent means it is made to cover/prevent three different kinds of influenza virus infections. For the most recent flu season in the Northern Hemisphere, the "regular" flu shot contained the vaccine for swine flu and two others. So, the monovalent H1N1 vaccine covered only one type of flu: the pandemic swine flu. But the trivalent seasonal flu vaccines cover three types of flu (one of which, for the 2010 - 2011 flu season, is Swine flu H1N1/09).

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What is inside the h1n1 vaccine?

Here is a video how they made vaccine! (see links section below). See also the related question below for the list of the ingredients in the different types of H1N1/09 vaccines.

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Where is the h1n1 vaccine manufactured?

There were four manufacturers' products approved for use by the US FDA and CDC:Melbourne-based CSL Ltd.; Novartis AG based in Basel, Switzerland; Sanofi Pasteur of Sanofi-Aventis SA, based in Paris; and MedImmune, LLC, the Maryland US based Subsidiary of London's AstraZeneca. GlaxoSmithKline has not yet had approval for their vaccine in the US but it was approved in Europe as was a product made by Novartis. A third vaccine by Baxter did not pass the European committee's approval process but it is still being considered.

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What states have the swine flu vaccine available now?

Pulaski County, Kentucky has it!

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Can a non custodial parent take her children to have the swine flu vaccine?

yes, as long as it is discussed and permission obtained from the person who has custody of the child.

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Verify: how does covid-19 compare to the swine flu h1n1 pandemic?

And while the H1N1 cases appear to outnumber COVID-19 cases, at least for now, the swine flu doesn't come anywhere close to being as deadly. Credit: KVUE The U.S. has seen close to 142,000 COVID ...

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Swine flu vaccine faq’s: is the vaccine safe?

A: It’s very unlikely, though the risk can’t be completely ruled out. A swine flu vaccine developed in 1976 was associated with a heightened, though still rare, risk of developing Guillain-Barré...

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How long will the side effects of the h1n1 vaccine last?

The side effects of the A-H1N1/09 vaccine will last approximately two to four days, depending on the type of vaccine used. See the related question below on the side effects of the different types of vaccines.

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Can you still get h1n1 if you have had the vaccine?

there is many branch offs of H1N1, right now i have it and i still have to get the vaccine to make sure i dont get any other type of it

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Does seasonal flu vaccine protects against h1n1?

The seasonal flu vaccine may give only partial protection against H1N1. It is very difficult to prove the same.

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How is coronavirus different than h1n1 vaccine?

COVID-19 is more contagious than 2009 H1N1 influenza. This means that COVID-19 can spread more easily between individuals.

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Is there blood in the h1n1 vaccine?

No. The virus is grown in eggs, weakened or "killed", and then added to a solution with preservatives to make the vaccine. There is no blood.

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Which is worse h1n1 or coronavirus vaccine?

COVID-19 is more contagious than 2009 H1N1 influenza. This means that COVID-19 can spread more easily between individuals.

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Is the swine flu vaccine more dangerous than swine flu itself?

no, it is not, remeber, the vaccine is a dead or weakened version, of H1N1I was just given the shot and have had no reaction to this point.

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Can the h1n1 vaccine make one sicker if already infected with the h1n1 virus?

No, the H1N1 vaccine won't make you sicker or healthier if you already have H1N1.

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Is it best for under fives to have swine flu vaccine?

Children five and under are one of the high risk groups for serious complications from the swine flu requiring hospitalization, it is recommended that children should get the vaccination to prevent infection, the risk of the disease is greater than any risks of a vaccination (which are few). See the related questions for more information about vaccinations for swine flu H1N1/09.

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Will coronavirus be worse than h1n1?

However, COVID-19 is more likely to cause serious illness than 2009 H1N1 influenza and has led to more deaths worldwide. It’s also more contagious than 2009 H1N1 influenza. While effective...

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Are there blood fractions in the h1n1 vaccine?

No. See the related questions below for a link to the question and answer about the ingredients of the Swine Flu vaccine.

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Did swine flu vaccine kill anyone yet?


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Is massachusetts talking about mandating swine vaccine?

Yes they are. If you refuse to receive the vaccine, you can be voluntarily quarantined, meaning they want you to not go to school or work or out into the public areas if you are infected.

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Is swine flu vaccine against muslim beliefs?

Defiantly no. It doesn't mean that all Muslims are not allowed to eat Pig so they shouldn't get vaccinated in the Quran it doesn't say anything about not getting vaccine for the Swine flu.

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When was the swine flu vaccine approved?

The swine flu vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on September 15, 2009.

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