World leaders pledge US$ 8 bil. to develop vaccine, treatments for COVID-19


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코로나19 백신 향해 세계 뭉쳤다…30여개국 10조원 지원약속

World leaders and international organizations have pledged almost 8 billion dollars to fund the development of a coronavirus vaccine.
The EU organized a video conference to raise the funds and got commitments from 30 countries around the world.
Our Eum Ji-young has more.
World leaders and organizations have promised to stump up more than 8 billion U.S. dollars to develop a vaccine and treatments for COVID-19.
The pledges were made Monday by 30 different countries... in a video conference hosted by the European Union.
It was organized by the European Union and other countries including Britain, Norway and Saudi Arabia, Canada and Japan.
The United States did not choose to contribute, saying it's already pouring billions of dollars into its own research.
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he is glad to be taking part in the project along with the World Health Organization.

"These new tools can help us to fully control the pandemic and must be treated as global public goods available and affordable for all. This is the only path to a world free of COVID-19. But this will require the most massive public health effort in history."

The Director General of the WHO, Dr. Tedros, welcomed the funds but said the results should be equally distributed.

"The ultimate measure of success will not be how fast we can develop tools. It will be how equally we can distribute them. None of us can accept a world in which some people are protected while others remain exposed."

He also said that this is an opportunity not only to defeat a common enemy but to forge a common future.
Eum Ji-young Arirang News.

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